Compensation for subscribers

Unfortunately, as a season ticket holder you have not yet been able to enjoy Walibi as often as other years. We find this very unfortunate. That is why we would like to offer you compensation.

You have three options. The first is that we refund a part of your subscription fee. Option 2 allows you to renew your season ticket for season 2021. Of course with a fair amount of discount.

Don't want compensation? Then please click on the 3rd option. For everyone who chooses this option, Walibi Holland donates 2 tickets to healthcare institution St. Jansdal. In this way, the health care professionals who have worked so incredibly hard for the health of all of us in recent months can let off steam in Walibi!

Note: do you have a Walibi Friends Pass or Walibi Family Pass and do you choose option 1 or 2? The option you choose as main booker applies to all passes in your order.

Tell us your preference before July 1st 2020

You have until 30 June 2020 to let us know your preference. If you do not make your choice in time, we will consider your compensation as option 3 and donate two tickets to St. Jansdal. This means that you will no longer be entitled to compensation from 1 July.

Please fill in the form

Please use the same data as you used when purchasing your subscription.